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TSG specializes in the restaurant and Bar industry. Some of our clients include:




Cheesecake Factory’s


California Pizza Kitchen's


Buffalo Wild Wings






and many more.




We can offer a complete solution for your restaurant or bar to include DirecTV, audio and video to include:




Hanging televisions - from a small TV to a Planar Video Wall ( , we can do anything in between. All in stunning 4K resolutions!




Networking – Today's customer needs the fastest, most robust, and economical solution for the traffic that is needed for your discerning client. Anything from fiber distribution, Cat6 1 Gb, or basic networking needs such as simple Wi-Fi for your restaurant or office is now easily within your reach.




HDMI matrix - Control4 is the leader in video distribution with the capability to carry HDCP 2.2And 4K resolution and content to any of the televisions that you have on your premises. All being able to broadcast the audio throughout your location to




A fully automated system for your entire restaurant by Control4 - the restaurant owners of today ask a lot more of their managers, in turn, they need that time available that they have spent countless hours on simply trying to change the channel or raise audio or lighting in a specific area. Now it is all done at the touch of a button from any touchscreen, iPhone, droid, or tablet that the manager has at his fingertips. No more going around into the closet and looking in and seeing what channel needs to be changed where. A simple touch and forget it and go on with their more important tasks of the day is all that's needed now!




Speaker installations - With a wide variety of speakers that are needed for each aspect of a bar or restaurant, you can be sure that TSG can install anything from pendant type speakers, flush mounted, and surface mounted speakers in either 70 V or 8 ohm distribution.




And much more. Please inquire for your specific need.